Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snack to Ten

Last night while laying in bed, I came up with this snack counting activity.  For snack time, we used a number line I typed up to practice counting to ten.  There are tons of different things you can do to adapt the activity to your child's level.  I made the sheet available if you would like to try it with your preschooler.  You can download it here.

Charis (nearly 5): We would put five on the number line and then I would ask how many she would have if she added 3 more, etc.  Then we did the same thing with subtraction.

Porter (age 3): Counted up to ten, and as he ate each number counted backwards.

Hunter (age 2): She practiced putting just one snack in each box.

Let me know how your kids like the activity! Enjoy! (And, yes, we are still in our pajamas!)