Thursday, December 20, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking Advice

I've had a few inquiries about digital scrapbooking, so I thought I would post my feeble attempt to share this wonderful world of memory making.

First, you will need a photo editing program that allows you to work in layers, such as Photoshop. Usually the program that comes with you digital camera will work, but I know there are different programs that you can download. Paint.NET & Pixia are a couple I found online.

Next, you will want to download scrapbooking "papers" & "accessories". Something Jessica Stern taught me, "do only free". That means when you google digital scrapbooking use the word "freebie". Warning, this is a black hole. Trust me, there are thousands and thousands of freebies to download. It would be just a matter of days and your hard drive will be in overload.

Here are a few of my favorite sites to start with:

Also, if you download kits, you will get everything you need to design a page or two, so those are a nice place to start.

Finally, there are companies online who print 12x12 or 8x8 pages.

This site may answer any more questions you may have.

I hope this helps. Happy Scraping!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Slazas Family Christmas

Couldn't you just eat this Christmas cookie?