Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Happened to Charity?

Though seemingly it's as though I have fallen off the planet, that is, in fact, false. For the past month a swirling vortex of chaos has engulfed my life. In short:
1) Matt has taken a worship/young adult pastor position in Rantoul, Illinois. Which is outside of Champaign, which is outside of no where.

2) Matt & I decided, in order to save money, we would move into his parents' house until we move to IL at the end of February.

3) My computer is packed away, so I must share my in-laws computer (a PC, none the less).

4) I have decided to no longer continue my photography business in St. Louis (sniff, sniff).

Here's the church we are going to.

A couple of pictures of our new house in Rantoul.

Upstairs living room:

Downstairs family room:

Charis' room:

Porter's room: