Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Catching Up

So, I've been settling in to our new home, having birthday parties, cleaning up poop, doing dishes, laundry & Bible reading. Just a normal thing here in the Craig house. I guess I'll call this my recap blog.
We had Hunter dedicated to God our last service in Rantoul. She's our IL baby, so they wanted to give her a small parting gift.

Sleeping angel.

Hunter also had her acting debut as baby Jesus at the Christmas eve service in Rantoul. She was a natural.

This is the only formal pictures I took of my kids this Christmas. I sat them up on the platform after church and tried to get them to smile. Hey, it's harder than it looks to get three kids to smile.

Charis did ham it up for this shot. Don't be fooled, she's NEVER this gentle with Hunter.

My kids enjoying their new backyard and new found friend.

Charis loved the 8 inches of snow. Charis & daddy built this awesome snow fort. Notice Porter & I are no where to be seen. We're inside.